New "Edit order" function messes up order data when exporting to .csv

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We use the "export all orders" csv report to do our accounting.


When you edit an order in Shopify, remove an item and add another one, the removed item STILL SHOWS UP in the exported data report, without there being any way to tell that the particular item in that order was removed.


Even the "Total" order amount shows up as a sum of all the current items AND the removed items' value, thus leading to INCORRECT sales figures.


Please fix this ASAP so we can use this very basic functionality properly.

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Hi Shopify,

Could you please give us an update on this issue? It still hasn't been resolved and really messes up any reporting.



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Hi Shopify

I'm experiencing the same issues. Whenever an order is edited the total value of the order stays the same and the products still show up in the CSV export.

Kindly advise ASAP.

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Same here. It messed up our store as we were delivering products according to the output report and we shipped more items if we have edited the products and no way to tell the difference.

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I face the same issue as well. There is no way to check which items were removed unless I manually keep a track.

Would request the Shopify team to look into this asap.



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Same here! It's extremely annoying. 

I have no idea what to do

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I have emailed to Shopify team when I did the last post back last year. And they replied to me that:

"Having checked in with our engineering team, this is an issue our developers are aware of with relation to order edits. While it is on the developers' roadmap, there is no definite timeframe in terms of when it will be resolved due to the complexity with how order information is extracted and pulled into the CSV."

So I think what we could do is to wait for now.

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Hey there Shopify team.

Any news on this front?

Our customers end up shipping free products to their customers in some cases.

We consider this scenario to be a pretty urgent issue.

Appreciate your kind response.