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How would you go about adding an 'Out of Stock' message?


I am using the Minimal theme, and I'd like to just add a small message near the 'Out of Stock' button.

It would be great if this could differ by product type; but I'd settle for getting any message to display at all.


I tried using something along these lines -

But nothing i tried was showing up at all. (Example of sold out product -


I'm not sure where I'm off , anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @FlurpyHooves 

Do you have variants within products? Reason I'm asking is that will make the implementation harder as it has to be updated dynamically.

Let me know!

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Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, some of the products do have variants

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What do you think about trying a pre-order app? I'm a team member of the KAD Pre-Order app and I think we have an option for you.

You can keep the "Out of Stock" button but change the button text in our App settings, however, if you set this product as pre-order you can also add a tooltip for a "Pre-order" button and write there any info that your customers should know.

Here is the App

Let me know what you think.