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Personalised Order Form based on Calendar and Variant Selection

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I am working on clients website selling Diet Meal Plans based on Calories, and they have 1 day, 1 Week and so on plans.


I want to create a custom order page which list the product type first for example below: 


"Balance Diet, Keto Diet, Vegi and so on". as colour swatch style selection.


based on the product type selection, the variant will be present under neath as same style for example below:


"1200 Calorie, 2500 Calories and so on" 


and after that you select number of days via calendar from and to date selection.


it will calculate the price day wise and create a order and add to cart as part of CALL to action for button, can you please advice the best way to do it, probably i want to populate product and variant in javascript and create AJAX call to cart.

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