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Hello Community!!!!!

Im reaching out to an expert to ask for help to customise my online store www.isabelmoore.com

I would like the items in my clothing collection ( https://isabelmoore.com/collections/clothing ) not to have prices, but for the rest of my collections to stay as they are, with prices.

I have been told I need someone to create a custom code in order to do this, as at the moment Shopify requires the price field to contain numbers, and I am left with the option to delete all prices or to have prices on everything.

I have looked at apps, Easyorder & Quickquote, but none of them help with this issue either, and seem to complicate what one would think to be a pretty simple request...

Please contact me if you are able to help work with me on solving this issue :) info@isabelmoore.com



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Hello Isabel!

Paul here, from the Guru team.

What you're looking to achieve is absolutely possible! You can replace the pricing with a link to your contact information to prompt customers to reach out, or just offer a simple message. It is a pretty slick customization :). It requires a bit of coding so we have a walkthrough on how to do that in our Replace the add to cart guide - https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/communication/replace-add-to-cart-button

You do not have to delete all prices or have prices on everything, hurray! You can use this method to create a product template which you can activate on the specific products that you want to hide the pricing from (all products from that specific collection). Once you have done that you can also hide the prices on the collection page by creating a template to do so, and activating it on that specific collection. We have some general info on creating templates as well - https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/store/create-alternate-templates

Have a look at that guide and let me know how you make out!

- Paul


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Dear Paul, 

the guidelines are not working for my shop.  

I would like to have the prices for selected products to show as  " PRICE ON REQUEST " and the client should be able to send us a message. Is it any way we can do it ?

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Hi Community!

We have just published a new application https://apps.shopify.com/get-a-quote-by-gs . With the app you can hide prices and add quotation forms as well as "call for price" label for selected products. The quotation forms can be fully customised. As an example you can replace "Add to cart" button with "Get a quote" button that will open a popup containing a form with following fields:

List of options (select box)
Additional requirements (textarea)

You can create unlimited quotation forms. The application also displays "Get a quote" badge on collection pages.

Have a look. Maybe it will help some of you.


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Did you already have a answer on your question? I need the answer aswell.