Problem importing CSV file - error message: Option value provided for unknown options

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Please can someone help - I get this error message when trying to import a CSV file: Option value provided for unknown options


I am trying to do a test import so only one product on the file.


I currently sell art prints only and want to add framed print options.


The import works when I do them as two seperate products buy when I try to import as one it gives me this message.




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Hi Louise,


In Shopify, all variants for a given product will share the same 'Handle', this is what ties them together. The 'Option Name' fields hold the labels for the variants (like 'size' or 'color'), and the 'Option Value' fields hold the data (like 'small', 'medium', 'large' or 'red', 'green', 'blue'). There are three option spaces:


Option 1 Name/Option 1 Value
Option 2 Name/Option 2 Value
Option 3 Name/Option 3 Value


These are the fields you need to pay attention when importing variants.  It sounds like you might be missing an 'option name' column. 


This sample file has three products, and the first one (example-t-shirt) has three variants.