Product options with Quantity Breaks for online bottle shop?

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Hi all, I have an online specialty bottle shop where each product is a single product - or a single bottle of beer. Currently customers can add as many single beers as they like but the don't get a discount for a 4 pack or six pack - see our current option: - I'd like customers to be able to select 4 pack, 6 pack etc as per the below example with a quantity break based discount. 


I'm not sure if there is an out of the box solution to create those options and have the buttons show in a similar manner. 

A few things I need to work around;

  • All products on the site talk back to our Bricks & Mortar point of sale via a custom App. I can't mess with this, the solution needs to track the quantity of the original product - eg: a 4 Pack of Beer X needs to take 4 units from Beer X. 
  • I already use Volume Discounts by Shopacado for a discount based membership which uses customer tags to allow discounts only to them. The app won't let me create a second Quantity Breaks layer that applies to multiples of a single product - eg: 10% off when I buy 4 x Beer X. If I create that discount, the membership discounts won't work with that app. 
  • I have an AJAX cart which I would much prefer to work with than without. 

I know Bold has many apps that might deal with the problem but I'm confused as to which one might actually do the job I need it to do - or if it can create those product buttons? I have a feeling I might need something custom but just seeing if anyone had some ideas on how to tackle it.

Thanks for your time. Cheers, Matt. 

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With the PickyStory app, line item quantity is reported correctly for each product, so your inventory levels on Shopify are always up to date.

You can set up product kits representing any combination of variants and quantities, each one offered as a separately-priced tier. Shoppers can modify product quantities, select different variants, and so on. The discount values are also configurable for each tier. 

Some of the popular use cases include fashion/shop-the-look combos, wine gifts (yep, just like yours), and home design collections.