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Hi there, brand new to shopify and this is hopefully an easy fix.  I've created manual collections in my store. I've added them to the menu but when I click on them in the preview none of the products are showing up! it says "Sorry, there are no products in this collection"  and I'm not sure why.  They're definitely in there... Any thoughts?  I am using the Jumpstart theme.

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I have the same issue:

-I have created 3 products, 2 are already linked with a collection but 3rd one :there are no products in this collection.

I've tried to search in collection which I 've created, it says : there are no products in this collection, add or change conditions to add products..

-I've checked navigation/ menu item , there is only product which links with all products, also, I 've created in the navigation, the name of the collection I want to link.

I'd like to know how my product can appear in the collection ?



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I found the issue. If your products aren't active, they won't show until they are. It may say "draft" but go to the product and make it active. Hope this helps. 


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Thank you so much! I had tried everything else and this is what I needed!

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I wouldn't say this issue is "Solved..." This glitch is pretty bad... hope it gets fixed.. I went through every solution in this thread and nothing worked.

I added the collection, deleted it. Made active, removed tags, manually added items, did everything twice in different orders. Clicked check boxes to make active. Did everything in threads again in different orders... nothing.. the products wont show up on my collections page...


I final followed this one:

1. Check the boxes of the products that are not showing up,

2. Click the drop down "More Actions"

3. Select: "Add Available Channel(s)...

4. This schedules the product to be available in the next 30 mins (WHY SHOPIFY?!)


Still doesn't work.... I thought shopify was supposed to help us sell products? but how can I sell product if they wont show up? spent 1/2 day on this issue... 

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Hi everyone. I've been having this problem too.

I just figured out what my issue was.

I had not selected any sales channels for the products that were missing.

Click the product and click manage under 'sales channels and apps' then select online store.

I hope this might help someone who had the same problem as me. Might not be the right solution for everyone.

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I am having this problem and my product doesn't even show up on my 'all product' page as well as my collection tab. It is labeled as active. Can you help me?


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In the Collection page you decide how you are going to choose products for the collection - automatic or manual.

If it is an automatic collection then you must specify that it selects products by name, tag, price, etc. It must match exactly. ie the product must be tagged with the same tag as you have specified, or have the same text in the title, etc.

If it is a manual collection, you add those items individually yourself by searching for them in the browse drop down.

You must then ensure that your "collection" is added to your menu bar by going to your Sales Channels on the main menu, selecting "Navigation" > Main Menu then adding where you would like it to appear.

We use both Manual and Automatic for our collections - for instance something you have all the time would be an automatic collection ie. All bags. I use a Manual collection for New Arrivals - this means I just go to the Collection, add the items I would like in, and remove those no longer relevant. This is easier than tagging everything as New arrival, then having to remove the tag.

I hope this helps.

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Thankyou Booktides

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I’m having the same problem, products not showing up in collections the way they all have previously. And sometimes a collection show 18 items sometime 20 or as many as it feels like. I know for a fact all my tagging was don’t correctly 

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I think Monipupi and I were traveling the same collision course! Today, after wasting hours and hours with the same issue (item not showing up in the collection list as well as the Collection title not showing up on the product page) and after checking and re-checking the Auto / Page Title criteria, I sat staring at the product page in defeat. And then, there it was, glaring out from the Product Title little character, a letter "s" ..making a word plural when it's not. So there ya have it, in literally 2 seconds all those hours of frustration came to an end. Just goes to show, the fix can never be too minute.

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Here's what fixed my problem! In your collections, if you have more than one condition, you have to choose "Any Condition" instead of "All Conditions" 

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I was quite frustrated by this issue myself. Make sure the product status is not set to "Draft" and instead set it to "Active".

You can verify this by going to "All Products" and sorting by "All", " Active", "Draft", or "Archived". If the products you are trying to see are still in "Draft" they will not populate into your online store.

Activate Products with these easy steps =>

1) Select the products that you would like to activate by checking the boxes next to the product names

2) Select "More actions"

3) Select "Set as Active"

Hope this helps someone out there.

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My productss won’t show in my collections page at all. I have  gone to the navigation page but it doesn’t give me the same options to make changes to my menus   As recommended here.   When I select collections I open each collection and there are no products . I have tried to add  products directly from the  all products page and from the collections page- still nothing appears .  

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What I found after an hour of searching is just go to individual products and change them from 'draft' to 'active'!

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Wym by that I’m having same trouble 

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Hi Lizzy,

I've got a problem similar but on the newly created collection page,  the products in the auto collection type are not appearing down the conditions (filters). especially after installing some collection apps. can you guide me on what to do?

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I just wanted to add one more step to Lizzy's response. Be patient. When you update the products, it can take a few minutes for the product to appear on the collection pages. I've noticed as long as 10 minutes when updating a lot of products. So, as an overview of things to check:

  • Make sure your Collection Conditions (if there's more than one) is set to Products must match: any condition.
  • Make sure the Product Status for the products is "Active".
  • Make sure the Product Sales Channel includes "Online Store".
  • IMPORTANT! Wait 3-10 minutes for your changes to update before viewing in the Collection Page. 

Once I figured out that last item, all my other frustrations with products showing up went away. You don't need to do an Uncheck and Recheck of the Collection Conditions. You don't need to select the Collection and select "Make Collection Available." All you have to do is check the bullet points above and wait for the changes to kick in. 

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When your products are not showing up in your collections page I had the same problem until I realized the exact way the tags are worded makes a difference. For example, if you have a collection named Bath Towels. Your tags have to include the name of the collection in the same case, capital letters and lower case. If your tag states bath towels your product may not show up because it is not reading the name of the collection. Be accurate. I hope this helps someone. It worked for me.

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I had the same issue. Turns out when I imported all the products, only some had the sales channel activated for online store. I had to go to each product and turn on the online store sales channel. 

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Hey! I'm having this issue, but none of the "accepted solutions" seem to be an option.

- My Collection has been "up" (but empty) for a few days now

- Items are showing at the backoffice. All good, all active, all available on online store channel.

- Accessing the collection through the URL, no additional filters or tags applied. 


Any help would be appreciated.