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products not showing up in collection page

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Hi there, brand new to shopify and this is hopefully an easy fix.  I've created manual collections in my store. I've added them to the menu but when I click on them in the preview none of the products are showing up! it says "Sorry, there are no products in this collection"  and I'm not sure why.  They're definitely in there... Any thoughts?  I am using the Jumpstart theme.

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Hi, at 2022, I still had the same problem and I found out how to fix it.


Most of the Guru show me too much info that I haven't need them yet

So, the solution can be simple in 2 steps:


- each time you prepare any product, inside its individual page, make sure you click MANAGE at SALES CHANNELS AND APPS, and choose all the channels, and SAVE; this move will make all the products visible. 

- make sure all you finish-prep products are in Action.


That's the answer I think will suitable for all newbies like me.

Good luck all of us!

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Thank you, that worked. However, we have thousands of products and performing this process to each individual product is simply not feesible. Clearly the bulk selection for ALL products and updating the channels they appear in does not work. I have tried that many times today. So annoying that this bug appears and is not resolved.

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Go to you Product and then go to 



by clicking on Manage


Make sure you have Online Store checked


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Thank you!!!!


I have a featured collection as well as a drop down. If I clicked on the collection image, my products showed up, but if I used the drop down method they did not. By following these steps provided my issue is resolved. It was making me crazy! 

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Thank you it s work for me

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I was having the same issue but then i tried the second solution and it worked. For anyone who has this problem, try checking your particular product on the products tab. click on it. to the right where it says "SALES CHANNELS AND APPS", click the manage button and then select online store. Your products should immediately appearhelp.JPG

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Yes, just forgot to add to Online Store


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This helped me after being stumped for days!! Thanks so much!!!  I have to say, this seems like poor design and something I NEVER would have guessed would be the issue! Would highly recommend fixing this 😬

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Hi. Cant figured out how to make the products show the screen above "product detail"? 

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Also - if not already stated, it seems to take a few minutes between the time that you save a collection and the time you can view it successfully in your store without the "Sorry, there are no products in this collection" error.  Make sure you wait a bit before concluding you did something wrong.

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I found a solution I didn't see on this thread. So, go to products page, click on your product, on the right, you will see a box that says "Product Status" below the box it says something like "SALES CHANNELS AND APPS", to the right of that it says "Manage" click "Manage", then click "Online Store" then click ok, than save and you should be all-set.