REQUEST - 'Auto-add' option to 'Buy X Get Y' Discount

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Hi There,

Successful promotions are promotions which are easy to use.

So when we force customers to refer to an explanation email, while getting them to visit multiple product pages to add multiple products to their cart, we create a far less successful promotion - or even a pointless promotion with some demographics.

To make the Buy X get Y discount more successful in 2020, it desperately needs an option to auto-add the gift product when a qualifying product is added to the cart.

That way, we create a one-task offer. Simple, stress-free and more successful.

See the pink arrow in the visual below...




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Any luck with this problem being solved? I don't understand the concept of an "automatic" system that isn't "automatic".

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It sounds ridiculous but we no longer run these types of promotions because we can't find a plugin that isn't bloated, sh!t, or both.

This aspect to Shopify is truly mind-numbing sorry.

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This "feature" is really extremely confusing. Every one of my customers has a question about it and wonders why the coupon code they created doesn't work. I really have that question every single time.

I mean, from a technical perspective, I fully understand the problem. The voucher code is entered at the checkout. And at this step it's not possible anymore to change the items in the cart, but from a user (store owner, as well as customer) perspective, this "automatic" discount isn't "automatic" at all.