Socket S700 scanner and Shopify POS - Scanning Bookland/EAN13 with Supplementals

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We just got our starter kit for the POS.
Unfortunately, I am running into an issue with the scanner.  I seem to be unable to get it to read the full barcode and supplemental 5 digit barcode on our books.  Of course, scanning into the search bar works, because it finds the 13 digits that the barcode IS choosing to scan.

I'm thinking that I need to enable Bookland ISBN-13, and also enable 978/979 Supplemental Mode.  However, I am making no progress.

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Were you ever able to solve the ISBN issue? We are just starting with Shopify and the migration from Lightspeed did not include the ISBNs for books. Is there a way to easily enter them using the scanner?

We are having trouble.