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Sort collection order by Published or Last Modified Date

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Is this possible without making a custom collection? I know this has been asked a few times but I don't see any answers. For our purposes, every time we receive certain SKUs which we have used in the past, we take new photos and add new content to the listing. The only way to get these to pop back up at the top of our new arrivals collection is to delete the old product from shopify and then re-add it, which seems like bad SEO first of all, and in general is not a clean way to do it, and sometimes causes us to double-list skus.


Also, is this even possible with a custom collection? We're already using power tools so we don't want to change our entire tag/navigation system for such a seemingly simple missing feature.


Has anyone found any workarounds to this?

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I also want to chime in that this seems like a feature that should be included in the default shopify install.

Especially since you can sort by Modified in the Products Admin.

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Hi Everyone!

Just checking in on these newer posts to say I've also submitted feature requests on this topic for each of you here. Our team can review these requests, so hopefully, this can be something that is available in the future.

There is never a guarantee that a request will get a Green Light, *or* make it to a product launch, but we really do appreciate you reaching out with your suggestions. As our development team are working on releasing newer features as well as updating older features of the platform, I would not be able to give a timeline for when this (or if) this will be available.

In the meantime, the app @kpvw mentioned in the first page of this post, Advanced Collections, should let you sort by last modified in your collections. I know using an app is not the best workaround, but it is the best option for now!

Hope this helps!


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I desperately need to be able to sort by published date. Please add this feature. 

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Did you find any solution for this? 

I tried some apps but i wasn't really happy. 

As a one of a kind product seller it would help me also just an option like "set this product like new?" .

I see that shopify is setting as last modified also if an order updates the inventory.


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the app linked in the thread was how we solved it, it worked fine for us and was relatively non-intrusive to the front end, but you do need a granular way to control the publish date in your origin system

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@Ava, it's been 1.5 years since you added this feature request. What's the current status?

Sorting by publishing date is very important to us so that we can display seasonal products like strawberries (same product as last year, but 'new' in season) at the beginning of the collection, not the end.

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I added a channel that allows to sort one collection by updated inventory.
It works well but you gotta pay if you want to sort all collections.
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I fixed it by now via the app Mechanic, which I had installed anyways, so no additional cost.


but this should be a standard feature.

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I'm also wondering if there is any further progress on this. 

It is very common in the product creation lifecycle that products are created and enriched before they are published AND that they are not published in the order they are created. We have a team of people enriching products, but then our products are published in "Edits" - therefor we need the products to be ordered based on the published date. 

I understand we can update the theme to use the published_at date however, the products in the admin panel are still in the wrong order and this makes merchandising and testing messy. 

Is there any progress on when this will be available? 



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I thinl they don't get it standard because everytime an item get sold (also if it is a Dropshipping product) it becomes updated and it shows in the admin like last updated. So they cannot use this feature.

I think there are a lot reasons why this should be possible:

Season products

One of a kind product

Reassorted products

Restyled products


All these products have their ranking by the time and right now i am forced to cancel and redirect to new product if i want it to be on top of my collection.

If you handle some thousend of products like we do it becomes a real timekiller.

In times where google pagespeed pulls down our rankings because scripts are taking time to load it is a very bad solution to ask us installing more and more apps. 

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I'd also like to add my shop to his request that was started in early 2019 (!). This is a necessity for my one-of-a-kind products.

This simple sorting ability should not require yet another app. 

Many shops need this!