Subscription i didn’t sign up for.

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I am being charged for a subscription I didn’t sign up for I signed up for the free trial.

 I keep being charged for these things.
 I can’t get through to support.
 I’ve been trying all day.
 Can someone help me with this? 
I’d like to cancel this subscription I do not want a subscription with you guys just wanted 
a free trial that I signed up originally for thank you. I wasn’t given a choice to sign up for the £69 retail Shopify subscription. I would’ve chosen the basic option since I haven’t used the subscription that I’ve been charged for. Is there a way to cancel this or at least change it to the basic option so I’m not charged £69 for something I didn’t even sign up for or even have an interest in being exposed to I hope you understand. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from a trustable reliable customer service advisor after hours and hours of scrolling through Google looking for some type of support I look forward to from you thank you. Oh yeah one thing it’s kind of isn’t illegal to sign up people to subscriptions that they didn’t sign up for I don’t know it’ll be interesting to hear back from you guys. I look forward to it really waiting , apologise for the words. I’m typing this with my microphone because my keypad is broken so yeah thank you for understanding.
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Shopify Staff
1357 224 473

Hey @Enlightenherb


Thanks for sharing that here. Our support teams can help with this. 


The easiest way to reach them will be to log in to your account here: 


From there: 

1. to select your store

2. Choose account for the topic and then Pause and Close your store as the subtopic.

3. Near the bottom of the next page, choose the chat with us option. 


Going through that route should connect you with our support team within a few minutes. 


We also have a guide here on how to cancel or pause your store: 


Hope that helps 


-Kyle G. 


Developer Support @ Shopify
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