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I hope this makes sense. I opened a Shopify site over a year ago... 

I took advantage of the free trial and used the "" URL while I built the store.  I owned by domain name and once the store was ready to launch, in the dashboard Online Store / Domain screen I redirected all traffic from that as my single primary domain.

The primary domain was "  The only time I was seeing the use of was in the admin dashboard.

Then I took a branding course and decided to change the name of my business.

Old business name:

New business name: Island Thyme Soap Company

I purschased the new domain name (islandthymesoap) and changed everything I could in Shopify AND Google. 

I changes the Shopify Admin Domain Screen, General Settings, all the Apps...and all the navigation is fine. I also changed my name here on the forums.

Everything is redirected to as my primary domain.

The one thing that didn't change is the when I access the admin dashboard.

MY QUESTIONS: Is there anyway to change MYSHOPIFYURL? Can the be changed to

And if not, does it affect my SEO in any way?

SEO: Managing domains:

For SEO (in Shopify AND Google) is it better to have the set as the primaty domain or the (without the www)  

I still have the and listed in the "manage domains" section so anything poined to eco-musings can be redirected.

On the Online Store Domains Screen: 

Primary domain: 

Redirect all traffic to this domain is checked

Manage Domains in this order and all are checked as OK

Do my questions make any sense? 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello Beryl! 

Kassey here from the Shopify Guru Team! There is no way to edit your URL - however, if you're using a custom domain url for your store and you have it pointed correctly, the URL will not matter, even with SEO. 

For Shopify and Google, you would want to have your domain without the www ( and with the www ( - as one is your domain name and the other is your subdomain (www. is a subdomain). I would recommend taking a look at our Shopify doc here to double check that your domains are added into your admin properely, of course reaching out to our Shopify Support team would help as well. :)

If you had a different custom domain URL before your, then I would recommend double checking your SEO (which you can use this doc for) and then resubmitting your sitemap to Google, using this doc!

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to Shopify support!

Kassey S
Shopify Guru

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Thanks Kassey!  Glad you understood. You answered all my questions.