Too many attempts at Checkout

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We are encountering this issue when some users try to perform checkout on our store (it is happening intermittently). We’re not entirely sure why this is happening, since everything appears to be OK, and also because this error is appearing after the Checkout process has been initiated, which is out of our control (since Shopify locks this part of the process).


Users have experienced this on both iOS and Android (on Chrome in both occasions). One thing to note is that we are applying a discount using some javascript before going to Checkout. This is done as follows:

  • A shopify URL exists which you can use to apply a discount, and after calling this URL, the user is redirected to the home page of the website. We first call this URL using jquery so that the discount gets applied
  • Since we don’t know whether the discount has been applied or not, we call the checkout page using jquery, and check the HTML response to find out whether the discount has been applied
  • Finally, we take the user to the checkout page

The user is able to get to the first Checkout screen (Customer Information) without issue, and only once they click “Continue to Shipping” (or sometimes once they click from the Shipping screen to “Continue to Payments”) they get this issue.


Anybody have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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How do I fix it. Because I didn't know about this security and was testing Live orders to make sure my site was working then I went to order something and got this message. Does this mean I am blocked now I still have to test a variant to see if it will push through to my app. I can only test this while the site is live so what the crap! How do I get this reset. 

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Thanks for this fix! 

It worked straight away!

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Hi, could someone point me to Devin please ?

I have the same "too many attempts" issue on my store

Many thanks 


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But we can't be expecting users to know and perform these steps right? Whts an automated fix to this coz it's happening frequently on my store which I suspect could be the primary reason for our low conversion rate 

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Is there a solution for this now? Our customers have exactly the same problem
Is there a solution for this now? Our customers have exactly the same problem