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The "units sold" section of the analytics dashboard only shows the top 5 products, frustratingly.

Most of the sections on the analytics dashboard have a "view report2 link where you can see the full report.  However, "units sold" does not have this link.

There must be a way of finding out exactly how many units of each product have been sold during a certain time period?  Surely?  I can't find it....

How can I get this info please?



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Hi Shopify,

Any progress on this report? It is an essential metric for us. Units sold is volume of sales - how much stock is actually moving rather than how much cash is being generated. The two are linked and need to be reported separately!



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Yep.. also want this BASIC tool, awaiting your response. Thanks.


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This is a tool we absolutely need as well.


Any update on whether you will be making it available?

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Hello @rob_bio,

I am John from Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics app for Shopify.

Yes your requirement is doable with Report Pundit. We have a pre-created report called "Total Product Sold". The report will show the total units sold, net sales, product cost, etc.

Additionally, our support team can create any type of custom reports for free.

Find the screenshot for your reference.






Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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this is a pretty old thread, but just wanted to put it out there, that yes, it's crazy this isn't a standard option

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I need this info too,

its a basic report...

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Hey everyone,


No need to purchase any of their sales pitch! 🤑

If you use oberlo go on your dashboard -> orders then select the date you need and -> export

once download in csv file, filter the spreadsheet with the product you need to count.


In libreoffice copy the name of the desired product, then go to -> data -> more filters -> standard filters

in "field name" select product, "condition" select = and in "value" paste the exact name of your product


You now have your spreadsheet fill only with your selected product

Now select the rows all the rows containing your product name, once selected you'll see written "SUM" or something in the bottom right of your window, click right and select "countA" and it will give you the exact number of rows selected,

Here you go, you have now the number you were looking for! 😀

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I was able to figure out units sold by whatever time frame I wanted by going to:


Analytics/Reports/Inventory/Percentage of Inventory Sold.


You will get all the information you need there. I can't believe Shopify hasn't posted this already.

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I was able to find that report but my numbers on it are not true. It is showing negative numbers also. Do you have any insight why or how to fix that. This is crazy this is not a products/ units sold standard report! 

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Thank you! This is really helpful. I was just about to download another app, but this is great.