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The "units sold" section of the analytics dashboard only shows the top 5 products, frustratingly.

Most of the sections on the analytics dashboard have a "view report2 link where you can see the full report.  However, "units sold" does not have this link.

There must be a way of finding out exactly how many units of each product have been sold during a certain time period?  Surely?  I can't find it....

How can I get this info please?



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You should not have to buy an app. It should be a standard in shopify as most businesses would want to know how many of a certain product they have sold.

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Unfortunately it doesn't work for me as I've probably changed the inventory a few times. I just want to go to the products and it can tell me how many I have sold total of that product

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We need to be able to see a list of our products and the numbers sold so that we can see what is selling the best and what is not performing well and figure out how to market it. It is a key piece of  creating strategies and deciding new inventory moving forward. There are so many reasons why a shop owner needs this vital data, this is actually the only report I am really interested in. We should not have to use a 3rd party app, this is basic vital info.

As someone commented in the suggestion: The Analytics--> reports --> percentage of inventory sold  has incorrect data. 

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I agree with everything being said here. This needs to be a standard report that is easily accessible from the reports panels. I switched over to Shopify from a competitor and am shocked to see how many basic things are missing from the Shopify platform.

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I figured it out! You have to upgrade to "Shopify"  for $79/month to get those reports. You don't have access to the data using "Basic Shopify". 

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Ah thanks for the update. That's still a little ridiculous to me. The platform I just switched from had that report standard at the $29/month level along with some other functions that Shopify is lacking. Might need to switch back cuz I can't do $79/mo. 

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Hi Linda,

Kritesh here from Better Reports team.

I believe our app Better Reports can help with this request. If you change the product name a few times, we can still report the quantity sold basis the new product name or the original (at the time of sale) product name.

We also can show top-selling products over a custom time period, along with their sold value.

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

Let me know how you go, and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Better Reports support team.

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I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this thread. This is precisely why there is an app marketplace to try and meet these sorts of needs. 


While taking nothing away from all the other options put forward, I’d like to also suggest that you try our app By the Numbers.  It has a free 14-day trial.


Not only do we surface your Top Selling Products, Total Items Sold, we also show you your Movers and Shakers so you know what products are gaining and losing in momentum as you can see below:


I’m on the support team, feel free to reach out to me at support@bythenumbersapp.com

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Whyyyyy on earth this isn't part of the BASIC Shopify plan is beyond me. And to make something that is so basic and VITAL to a small business (as knowing the amount of products sold in a time period) NOT be included in basic plan is ridiculous to me!!! I am not downloading a 3rd party for this! I would rather count on my fingers. Ugh.

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100% agree with you @DropsofSparkles.  Shopify is wonderful, but there are a few basic things that can be really difficult like product analytics and sorting.  Right now your best bet is to use a 3rd party app:


No horse in this race, but give conversific a look.  

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