Using Shopify Lite with SS Commerce Advanced to enable Afterpay payments

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Currently have an online store on the SS Commerce Advanced plan and it's painful with how limited the platform is for commerce. We have some high value items and want to offer Afterpay but can't.

I've seen many videos of people integrating SS and Shopify Lite to enable Afterpay but my question is, has anyone combined the two but embedded the Shopify button on the SS Product page so it has the regular SS Add to Cart button which goes through SS and a second button called 'Buy with Afterpay' or something that then uses Shopify and allows Afterpay? It's not the best user experience I know, but I paid a lot for SS Commerce Advanced upfront and stuck with it for another 10 months and I think Afterpay would help with conversions.

Very curious to hear if anyone has done anything similar and thoughts/feedback/suggestions etc.


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I have a question regarding your experience using shopify lite integrated with squarespace. where does it take your customers to checkout? is checkout on shopify or squarespace? trying to mitigate the issue of how squarespace can't autogenerate tax rates at checkout and hoping to resolve with integration of shopify lite. at checkout, are your customers able to see tax rates generated by shopify?