Video Sitemap - Shopify?!

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Hi Shopify Team,

can you tell me why you are not thinking about taking advantage of video sitemaps? I don't want to host my videos via youtube but for example use wistia instead.

These iframes are worth nothing in terms of SEO and this issue is really something you should look into. There are a lot of people making videos and can't get the most out of them in terms of SEO.



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Why don't you want to use YouTube for hosting your videos? ;)

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for your reply.

Youtube doesn't help boosting the authority of a page. People are making quality content with videos and get an iframe that google can't crawl. It just helps as a search engine to get the traffic from youtube to the page.

Anyway, not YouTube itself is the problem, but the fact that there is no possibility to access the sitemap. With access to the sitemap we could make videos crawlable for google.

I think we all know video is definitely a thumb up in terms of SEO - that's why I don't get that nobody cares to do it properly?




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Hi Marco,

Thanks for letting us know! To be honest with you, I've never heard this suggested before until now. But thinking about it - it's actually a really good idea and one I'd like to submit to pass along to our devs on your behalf. :)

Alicia | Support Lead for Shopify
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Hi Alicia,

thanks for your support on this matter.

Video was always something we wanted to do but we had a lot of respect as of the work and quality these videos need to qualify for noteworthy content.

So we just started out making our first videos for paleo recipes and are now really thrilled about it - until I realised there is no way for google to crawl that content :-)

Thanks again.


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Hi Alicia, 


I am just wondering if there is any progress with Shopify developing video site maps? 


Many thanks, 


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Hello Casey, have you ever found out how to use sitemap for videos with shopify?