What could be causing issues with my store's questionnaire?

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My coder guy has basically ghosted me on an issue I'm having within the site. I have a multiple choice questionnaire in my store. My understanding is that it is CSS code (and maybe another one as well) that is  hosted on my DreamHost account. It is not functioning correctly and the coder person I've been using on and off for almost a year says there is a 'bug' and it has to do with the Shopify checkout cart. He says he is unable to fix it and to contact Shopify. He was supposed to write me out a description of what's going on since I am not computer literate but he hasn't done so and so this is all the details I know of the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Hey @acnestopkits , it's terrible that that has happened to you with another coder.

In order for us to help you out, would it be okay that you link your site?
Another is that where is this questionnaire going to reside? in the checkout or outside of checkout?

Paul Martin.