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What happens after order #9999?

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Orders in shopify start at 1000 and the only alterations that can be made are prefixes and suffixes. Once the number of orders reaches 9999 what are your options? Can you reset the count back to 1000? does it continue onto 10 000? does it cause an error or stay at 9999? Updating the prefix is an option for keeping your order numbers unique if it resets to 1000 but is there any way to automate this or send an alert once that number of orders has been reached?

Essentially, what happens at/after order 9999 and what can someone do to ensure an un-interupted flow of unique order numbers?

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Hi, Jesse!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I just checked and can confirm that after order #9999 our system goes to order #10000 and continues from there. The order numbers that are created within Shopify are able to go beyond 4 digits. 

Best Wishes! \ (•◡•) /

Jade | Shopify 
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After 9999 it goes to 10,000 and keeps growing. Eg:


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How about for the draft orders?  Will the system continue from D1000 after reaching D999 with the draft order number?

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Hi, will the order id cross 9999 to 10,000 even if I do not add a prefix or suffix?