What is the best POS system for a small boutique?

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Me and a friend are starting a boutique.  We are already with shopify for our online store but since we have decided to open a store front, we are wondering what POS to go with.  Since this this is a small business we are hoping for something simple that integrades with our shopify store.  Any suggestions?

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Hi @marybb 

If you’re looking for a reliable efficient point of sale system for your business, Shopify can be the ideal solution for you. With a POS system like Shopify POS, you can sell all of the goods you’re selling in your online Shopify store at physical places with ease.

We created an article to review the pros and cons of Shopify POS, you can have a look at it here

Hope it helps!

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If you're looking for a comprehensive POS system yet simple to use, ConnectPOS will be a perfect choice.

Some unique points of ConnectPOS are:

  • Work well in both PC (Windows & Mac OS) and mobile phones (iOS & Android) - which is a huge advantage comparing to other POS integration providers
  • Realtime synchronization for products, orders, customers, tax info and other settings
  • Unlimited and simple customization
  • Accept up to 20 payment methods: Cash, Credit cards, Gift cards, or third-party payment providers
  • Integrate with major secured payment gateways: Authorize.net, Paypal HERE, Payment Express, iZettle, Cardknox
  • 3-steps checkout
  • Allow customers to buy online, pick up/ refund/ exchange in-store
  • Support custom sales, split and partial payments

For only $49/month, you'll get access to the best Shopify POS integration in the market with 24/7 support.

I hope this suggestion will be the suitable option for your store.

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.

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The new POS is really bad.  The layout is dumb. Products are all hidden in "tiles".  It takes forever to ring in sales.  And if you want basic baseline functions of a standard POS, like processing an exchange, be ready to shell out and extra $1080 a year on top of your subscription fee.

The old classic version was great, but a few weeks ago they forced us to switch over.  We willl be leaving Shopify.  No one in the company cares about customer feedback as long as they are squeezing the extra $90 a month out of us.

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Run! If you still have a choice DO NOT start using the Shopify POS.  Super inefficient and not user friendly at all. Not to mention the lack of very basic functions all POS systems should have.