What's the average cost of a developer for Shopify stores?

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Hey Everyone!

Doing some research and trying to get a sense of the average cost of a developer for Shopify stores.

If you have hired an agency, developer, expert, etc. I would love to know rates?

Hourly? Per Page? Per Store?

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

Nick Raushenbush | Co-founder, Shogun | nick@getshogun.com | Try Shogun Page Builder for Shopify for FREE!
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Hi Nick!

Seán here from Shopify :)

While I couldn't say for certain about agencies and other developers, our Shopify Experts tend to average between $500 and $5,000 for any project that you'd like them to help out with - though saome projects can cost more than this. The prices can vary depending on the project in question as well as the Expert's own rate for it. 

From the Shopify Experts page, you can browse which type you're looking for - such as setup, marketing, etc. In these sections you can also filter by budget and keyword. Another option is to click on the 'Post a job' link on the top of the page to fill in details of what you'd like to have done, after which our Experts can reach out to you and offer to help out :)

Hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with the Guru team if you have any questions.

All the best,

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Seán | Shopify 
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Thank you @Seán W!

Nick Raushenbush | Co-founder, Shogun | nick@getshogun.com | Try Shogun Page Builder for Shopify for FREE!
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I'm writing this in 2018 and run a small agency focussing on Shopify.  It really depends on who you're hiring and where they are based to be honest.

Shopify Developers in US/Europe tend to cost more with an average of $50-200/hour depending on the level of skill and location.

Shopify Developers is Asia are often charging $20-50/hour.  (You need to factor in time for messing around if outsourcing).

Freelancers tend to be around 20% cheaper but less reliable as a long term solution provider.

Per page makes no sense whatsoever as a pricing model in my opinion.  Since a lot of pages re-use the same templates.

Per hour makes sense for custom work where the scope is unclear or may change considerably.

Per project makes sense for projects with very clear scope.  Devil is in the detail here.  Always add 50% to what you think it may take in time.

Shopify developer costs here.

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Agency owner here. 

In short I'd recommend going for a project rate as opposed to an hourly rate.  In accepting the project the agency/developer has to consider the actual time it takes to complete all the requirements you give them. Make sure the project proposal covers these requirements in some detail prior to starting so that expectations on both sides are properly set and the budget is firm.  Any good expert will spend a good amount of time on discovery talking to you about the project to make sure things go smoothly.

As for pricing...

Prices are going to vary I wouldn't get hung up on an agency or freelancer.  Find someone (agency or freelancer) that you love their work and feel them out.  Get a broad estimate to initially see if they are roughly in budget and look at previous projects. Price and portfolio the same I might choose the agency instead of being reliant on one person but that's just me(the biased agency owner). 

Proper diligence and planning are paramount.  I can't tell you how many sites we've had to completely rebuild that were pieced together by multiple indepentent developers and were a functional mess.  Built it right the first time with someone you trust to get it right your pockets will thank you.

edit: didn't realize you were a Shopify Partner LOL  anyway my 2 cents for those looking to start new stores.

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