What's the best app for displaying multiple service descriptions without buying options?

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I own a mental wellness boutique that has a ecommerce component but also a service component. 

I am working on adding descriptions of all of our services on the site. However, I DO NOT want people to be able to buy or book them on the site, I want them to be able to see the description of all of our services and contact us for more information. 

Services include, counseling, group therapy, behaviour management, psychotherapy etc. 

What is the best third party app to display more than one description (informational only)  on a page without the option to buy or book ???


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Hi there!

You actually dont need a third party app to achieve this. You can combine products and just informational sites in your shopify shop. To create pages that are not products, just click on your online shop in your dashboard (down left corner) and then on pages. There you can create informational pages without any commercial purpose. After you created and saved a page, you can assign it to your navigation.

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