What's the best way to handle draft orders and invoices for customer ease?

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I'm trying to figure out the easiest, most efficient way for my retailers to make a payment on an order I manually put in.

Here's how I've done it: I go to my Shopify order page & create an order. I add all the items they're requesting, link the customer, add free shipping (if local) & when I get to the section on "Payment due later", I never know which one to choose. I tried just sending the invoice to the customer, but it creates/emails a draft order # for them to make a payment on. & once the order is fulfilled on my end, it sends the customer another email with a different order #. It's very confusing for the customer.

On the other end, I tried setting up "Payment due on receipt", but the customer's email was just a confirmation of the order & they couldn't pay until the order was fulfilled, resulting in ANOTHER email being sent to them.
Is there an easier way to do this that doesn't annoy the customer with a ton of emails & confusion? Am I missing something?

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  • Hello  dear Rchristianson
  • I appreciate your detailed explanation of your current process, and I understand the importance of providing a seamless payment experience for your retailers. To streamline your workflow and enhance customer satisfaction, I recommend implementing a customized solution.
  • By utilizing Shopify's invoicing feature combined with a personalized order confirmation email, we can eliminate the confusion caused by multiple order numbers. Let's set up a brief consultation to discuss your specific requirements further and tailor a solution that not only simplifies the payment process but also enhances the overall order experience for your customers.
  • Looking forward to optimizing your system and ensuring a smooth transaction process. Please let me know a convenient time for our discussion,and let get started flourishing your business and bring out the topmost
  • Best Regards,


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Hey @rchristianson,


I just tested this for your use-case with our app Kindly Payment Reminder and got to the following result.

  1. I [Merchant] created a draft order and just saved the draft order without the payment due later enabled. No email is being sent.
  2. I [Merchant] set up Kindly to one immediate reminder triggered based on the draft order creation. Now Kindly sends an email to the customer with a link to the checkout to pay. 
  3. Then I [Customer] paid the order and receive a confirmation email.
  4. Now I [Merchant] can fulfill the order.

Now the # (order id) of a draft order is changing when it's being transformed into a sales order. I am afraid it's not possible to change that.


Is this what you were looking for? 

Kindly - Payment Reminder
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