Re: 2000 Visitors in one day, but No Sales

Why am I getting visitors but no sales on my online store?

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I have had my store for 1 day week and i got 2000 visitors in 1 day but I sell in UK and the visitors are from ASIA mostly which is fine i guess. I'm paying for ads using Facebook ads, However I still had no sale.

What could be the issue?




If someone could check the store out and maybe give me some advice I would really appreciate it.



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It happens some times from bots. They target a shop for a while and probably in the future they will send you email asking to help you resolve the problem. See if it happens again another day  and then contact shopify for it. I had same issue a few times but didn't last long.

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Hey @LustEssence 


I've taken a look at the site, and there's nothing that sticks out to me as broken or done incorrectly. Your product pricing seems reasonable, though I don't really understand the point of the product (why someone would need to project a time on their wall, when the clock is right there with bigger numbers to look at). 


If you're trying to target the UK, but are finding a lot of your visitors/customers are from Asia, you should be able to target just the UK via your ad settings. See here: 


If you're really struggling to optimize your ads, then you can always hire an official Shopify Partner who specializes in Social Media Marketing to help with your ads, here: 

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Thank you for your response.  

Do you think its a good idea to turn ASIA audience off? Because I've realised that i gain more visitors (2000 a day) in ASIA that might have higher chance of checking out as when i run for UK i only average around 30-40 visitors a day 

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I believe you might benefit from a solution to improve your conversion rate. You can explore options on by searching for terms like 'conversion rate'.

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Hey there!

Just wanted to share a couple of tips:

  • Make sure your ads are set up and optimizng for conversions. It makes a huge difference in getting quality visitors that actually have intent-to-buy
  • Do a quick check on your checkout functionality to ensure its working

- Loving your product pics! Adding some emotion-filled descriptions could really give them that extra pop.

If you want an easy and automated way of doing this, I recently rolled out Crowly, a free Shopify app I'm super excited about. It automates conversion rate optimization for your descriptions and pricing. Feel free to check it out here: Crowly App.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you need any help or have any questions. And hey, I'm all ears for any feedback you might have!

All the best,

-Ethan 🚀

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