Why are all my digital product orders being flagged as high risk?

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I sell a digital product and Shopify flagged every order I received 140+ orders as high risk of fraud. I contacted the customers to verify they made the purchase with all of the correct information and reached out to shopify's legal team/merchant team/and fraud team. They have yet to reply and it's been 2 days. EVEN AN ORDER I HAD SOMEONE I KNOW MAKE TO MY STORE GOT FLAGGED AS HIGH RISK!


They also have all of my payouts as pending with no payout date. Then on top of that shopify randomly refunded everyones order who paid for my product in full without my consent or any notice. Is that even legal to do? I have been waiting for days and I haven't received any communication from shopify and I have a ticket open on this issue as well.

1/2 of my customers used shop pay installments and the other half paid in full. So just yesterday I lost half of my sales because shopify refunded them without speaking to me and without the customers issuing a refund. My customers are upset due to all of this.


I want to fulfill my order from people that used shop pay installments, but I am scared shopify is going to randomly refund people for no reason just as they did before with the people that paid in full. 



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Wht type of digital download products do yoy sell, What is the average ticket size? Where are your customers from? Thanks