Why are customers not completing checkout on my site?

Why are customers not completing checkout on my site?

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Hi. So I made my site about a week ago and had ads running but no sales. I did get some traffic and even some customers who made it to checkout but didn't complete. I have an Etsy that does really well so I know my marketing on social media does well. I am wondering if maybe my shopify has some issues with checkout. How do I check this?

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You can set your webshop into test mode (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/payments/shopify-payments/testing-shopify-payments) I think with this guide will give better guiding to do so, but doing this you can test if your checkout is working correctly maybe something is bugging for some people!




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Hello BronxPlantLady,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


From whatever you described, it is clear that the traffic is facing no issues in finding the products on your website and their way to adding the products to the cart, but somehow the problem lies somewhere between ‘Adding Products to Cart’ and ‘Completing the Purchase’.


So, the following can be the possibilities:

  1. Complex checkout procedures
  2. Unexpected shipping costs
  3. No offers and discounts (especially for first-time customers)
  4. Payment security concerns, like website shares and encrypts data on Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). So, fix the issue by acquiring an SSL certificate
  5. There are not many payment options (Add a wide variety of payment options, like credit card, debit card, gift vouchers, PayPal, etc.)
  6. Unclear return and refund policies


If you have any of issues on your website, then maybe fixing them can help you improve the conversions for your website.