Why are Facebook ad clicks not showing up in my Shopify stats?

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 I'm currently facing a problem with Facebook Ads and Shopify reflecting the results. I have different ads running for 7 days now, targeting 3 product pages. Since then, the ads are producing clicks (around 600) to my Shopify store. The thing is, in Shopify most of them won't get reported at all (around only 50 of those 600). To be precise, let's look at yesterday: Facebook provided 169 clicks, but only 6 were reported in the Shopify stats. Google Analytics reported 4 visitors through paid social got this day.


The pixel is setup properly. The Event manager is showing los of events from those ads, but for some reason on the shop it appears I don't do marketing at all. I have also tested the links for my ads through the Facebook ads library. I land exactly on my product pages.


I have talked to Facebook already. They say, on their end everything's fine. I should contact Shopify, which I already did. The issue was reported to the tech team. They will contact me in a couple of days.


In the meantime I'd like to make sure, the problem isn't somewhere else. That why I would be really happy if I get a hint what I might do wrong here.

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