Why are my analytics not showing accurate conversion data?

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Hi everyone,
I've noticed some discrepancies in my Shopify Analytics numbers this week...and I don't believe support really knows what's going on.  I had two orders placed this past week (one on 4/15 and the other on 4/16), the analytics shows that two sessions reached checkout, but no sessions converted.  My understanding was that the "Reached Checkout" related to the number of users that came to the checkout page but didn't complete the transaction and that "Sessions Converted" meant the number of users that got to checkout and paid (so placed an order).  Why are the numbers not showing the two orders as "Converted". The other off number is the "Add to Cart" count - which shows "0" for the week, but in Google Analytics I have 16 events. 


I guess I never paid attention before as my numbers were higher....but since taking a break from the business and now returning, my numbers are much lower, so I've been able to notice this.  


Has anyone else noticed similar errors within the analytics? 



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