Why are my eBay sales not appearing in Shopify?

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Hoping someone can help. Yesterday my orders from my eBay store (connected) stopped coming through Shopify abruptly. I had one sale in the morning come through and after that they completely stopped. I’ve had it happen where there is a delay, maybe even a few hours but now today it’s still going on. I had to manually enter the sales I’ve had. I understand end of the year I’ll no longer be able to add new merchandise to eBay through Shopify, however is anyone aware of an issue going on now? I have reached out to Shopify support, to be told to reach out to eBay support, who tells me to call Shopify, you get the picture. This working seamlessly is so important to my business and inventory! I have tried updating my phone and laptop, updating the app itself, refreshing my eBay connection, and nothing works. Can anyone else?!!!

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