Why are my Facebook ads not leading to conversions?

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I run facebook ads and i get a lot of traffic but no conversations!

What could be the reason?

My url: https://bellozio.com/products/portable-pet-nest

( I sell in the UK)




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Yes please!

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Hi Lukavu,

A couple of thoughts:

 (assuming you mean conversions and not conversations lol)

- Ensure you are optimizing for conversions on Facebook. If not, your visitors' intent-to-buy will be much lower -> lower conversion rate.
- Make sure your checkout is functioning correctly

- your product photos look great, however I think your products would benefit from some emotion producing descriptions

If you're interested, I just launched my free Shopify app Crowly. It'll allow you to generate and optimize your products' pricing and descriptions very quickly.

Link here:

If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me an email.

Would also love some feedback myself 🙂


All the best,


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