Why are my online store pages not displaying correctly?

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Hi all,

Very very new Shopify user so be nice please!


I'm setting up a new online store and am having an issue with my pages not displaying when I view the store.


Online Store > Pages: I can see the pages there and they are currently "Visible". They are linked to a Theme template. All looks well. When I View the page it's perfect.


Online Store > Navigation: I have a menu item in the Main Menu that if I look in Edit Menu Item it shows that it's linked to the page I want so that looks OK to me. There are sub-menu pages and they're all working as expected.


This is the problem:

When I view the store, I can see that menu item in the top menu but clicking on it just gives me the drop down menu with all the other sub-menu items. Clicking on the sub-menu items seems to work but I want to see the page for the menu item one level up if I click on that item.


Sorry if this is a bit confusing (well, there's an insight into my brain right now) but you know how hard it is to describe something like this.


All help and advice gratefully received. TIA.

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Hi @Munkle 

The parent dropdown menu does not have a link by default, so you cannot click to open that page. Please follow the instructions below to add a link to the menu on your page to make it clickable. 

You can add 2 lines of code in your header-mega-menu.liquid and header-dropdown-menu.liquid files 

Line 1

<a href="{{ link.url  }}">

Line 2



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Thanks Dan-From-Ryviu.

Thanks sounds like a great solution apart from me being a very very inexperienced newby (seriously, not even 48 hours in Shopify). I'm just trying to get my friend's website up and running and then I can head back to my normal job which has very little overlap with this (the last time I coded something, Commodore 64s were all the rage).

I can't find the liquid files you mention and probably don't have the fortitude to edit them. 

Is this the level of IT skills I need to be able to manage Shopify? If so, I might cut out losses and advise my friend to stick with his current website. 

Thanks anyway.