Why are my product images blurry until clicked on?

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Hey how is everyone doing!


I am a new Shoplifty user setting up my business. At one point all my images were crystal clear when browsing products, however, recently I have noticed that the images are blurry before you click into them. Once you click on the product, the images are super clear. When you are browsing products, the images are slightly blurry. I am stumped. I honestly can't figure it out. How are the pictures clear as hell when you click on the product, but when you are browsing the products overall they are blurry? Someone throw me a bone here before I yeet my computer through the window and down the rest of my whiskey then run my body into a train. 


What do you need? Login access? A copy of the code? I'm desperate here, and I have not found the answer on any other forumn. 

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Hello @Fabreezey 

If granting collaborator access can be done quickly, we're happy to assist at no charge. However, if it requires significant time and custom development, there may be associated costs. We'll determine this once we receive collaborator access to the store. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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