Why are my products not showing up in my Shopify store?

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Hi everyone☺

I have tried the online advice/topics and removed tags and my products still not showing up on the Shopify shop!. They are all in my product list and descriptions etc. they were showing 2 days ago. now none of my collections listing is showing.

I am at the point of giving up. feel I've put so much time-wise and at each stage, there is always something else. That i need to adjust. even trying to find the HTML to copy the code for the buy now button. it's starting to drive me insane.

I am seriously at the point of just canceling my subscriptions. so any help. i would be so grateful. I am computer savvy, until i started to embark on using shopify. i don't think it's easy at all, for someone new trying to set up a shop. Ir off putting. 

so any advice, that works. i seriously would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


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