Why are my Shopify payouts on hold after adding my bank account?

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If you're new to Shopify, I think you should read this so that hopefully you can avoid going thru the same thing I'm currently going thru. I  too am new to Shopify, and while I wasn't pleased with the startup process, after submitting all my business documents and being told I was verified, and able to go live with my store.. I started to like the way things were going. 


I built my store, went live with it, and begun sending my followers to my store. Everything was running smoothly, people were purchasing, customers were happy, and we were happy. Logged in, was given a 'Next payment' date of the upcoming Tuesday, and the rest of the sales were pending... nice, I guess it was worth the headache in the beginning. Weekend comes, everything is running smooth, until Saturday.. I login my account to do some maintenance, and I noticed the section that said 'Next payment' no longer had a date or total amount in it. It just said $0. I check my email, no emails from Shopify other then for new order notifications and promotional emails. I check my dashboard, sales are still coming in and being processed.


I then check the notifications in Shopify, and see something that says 'your payouts are on hold, contact support so we can continue your payments' ...mhmm, what? Must be a mistake, as I didn't recieve any emails in regards to my payments being turned off. I contact support.. and they tell me my payments are indeed on hold, because I added my bank account to the account. Again, they said my payments are now on hold because I added my bank account to the account. Keep in mind, I added my bank account to the account before my store went live... and recieved a notification saying my information had been verified and store was good to go live.... so none of this was making much sense to me.


The support agent states, because I added my bank account to my Shopify payments account.. that it triggered a verification of my bank account. Okay, well my bank account is in my name, and I've had it for over 15 years... shouldn't be much to that. Here we are 3 business days later, still no update or information as to when my payments would be back on. I was told by the first agent, that my payments would likely be back on on Monday. Monday has come and gone. The next support agent said it typically takes 3-5 days.. but most times it's done in 3 days. Well, today was the third day and still no information as to when my payments are going to be turned back on. I honestly feel like I was tricked into sending my customers here, because it clearly states in my notifications that my information was verified and that the store was good to go. So why now after the store has generated a couple thousand dollars, is my money all of a sudden on hold? Wouldn't it of made sense to do all checks and balances prior to allowing me to go live with the store? I'm a small business, and I use paid advertising to generate traffic to our social profiles.. without getting my payments, how am I expected to continue paying for my advertising? The advertising company isn't going to want to hear any excuses when it comes time to get paid.  They make sure to tell you that the store is still live, and that I can continue sending customers to the store... but won't make a mention of when to expect my payments. I continued to allow sales to continue to flow for the past 3 days, while waiting to hear when my payments would be back on.. but after the 3rd day of no news, and reading other stories of other users going thru the same thing, have now chose to seize sending more followers to the store. And while I love the layout and conversion rate of their checkout, I also don't have the extra resources to play around when it comes to recieving payments.. and am now using a different payment gateway. 


I share this true, and current story with you fellow new Shopify users, so hopefully you won't be put in the same position. I'm not saying don't use the platform, as it's a good platform.. I'm just warning you to be mindful of the possibilities when working with them. I read of another user who has been with Shopify for 10 years, going thru the same thing.. and that to me, is scary. Take the time, and do your due diligence.. and make sure not to get stuck in a boat where you're expecting a payment... just to not recieve it on said payment date. I read alot of other stories of similar nature, right here on the shopify community forum.. but I won't share the details of those, as they don't pertain to me. Just sharing with you my story. When or/if I get my payment, I will be sure to update this thread. Be mindful that you likely will not recieve an email letting you know your payments are off, and that you'll need to keep an eye on your notifications in the Shopify dashboard. 


Have you gone thru something similar? Have some positive feedback to maybe make me feel better about all of this? I would love to hear it. Even if it's negative feedback, aslong as it's a true experience you went thru, that is similar to this, I would love to hear it.


That is all.

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Yes, going through this right now and desperately worried. Had a Shopify store for THREE years and all of a sudden my payouts are on hold!