Why are products disappearing from my inventory overnight?

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So, this may not be the correct place for it, but just curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this.


We found that out of out 6000+ products close to 2000 dissapeared overnight, all associated with the same tag. 


When contacting support, it took several days back and forth to figure out that accodring to their logs someone batch deleted 2000 products, 50 at a time starting around 7 PM.


The issue is, we arent open that late as we are a brick and mortar store, and noone was here that late, not the least how long it would take to delete 2000 products.

According to their logs it came from our IP address, and so everything points to someone at our company doing it, but we have 2FA setup and the only people knoweldageble enough to do that were not here.

Just very odd, and a massive pain.

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Products can also be deleted via store API access (or via apps). Please check if your store has granted permission to API access to any custom apps, developers, etc. Please also check if any of your installed apps are set to delete products.

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Yeah considered that as well, unable to find any that would make sense, especially since it was Tag specific. It was only products with a certain Tag associated. 
Now I assume there are apps out there that can do that, but I do not believe we have any of those installed.