Why can't I login to my new account after previous shop deletion?

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Hello there!


I recently created a shop but it got deleted because it apparently violated some section 7, which I've read btw., I didnt to anything even remotely close to violating it so it had to be some kind of mistake, regardless, shopify deleted that shop before I could even start selling (!!).


Now I obviously still wanted to sell that product so I created a new account with the intention of selling that very product however, just a couple minutes after creating that shop I couldnt login to it anymore, the error message is "There’s a problem loading this page. Your account  doesn't have permission to view this page. Try using a different account or going back to the Stores List page."


Tried simple, conventional solutions like deleting cookies, nothing worked.


This is urgent as I was just about to close an old shop that wasnt profitable but the shop that was intended as its replacement got deleted as I stated earlier. 


Thanks in advance for any helpful replies. 

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Thanks for reaching out to our network, @JuliusCG.


It's difficult to pinpoint the exact issue you are experiencing based on what you shared, though it's likely that your store may have been automatically closed or flagged due to an algorithm. This is normal and expected and can certainly be appealed by connecting with our Support team directly here.


Please do that at your earliest convenience so we can offer account-specific guidance and troubleshooting. 

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello Olivia!


I already connected with the Support team directly but they couldnt solve the problem however they did connect me to some other team, their email is: legal@legal-mailer.shopify.com 

They then proceeded to not tell me what the issue is, so I still don't know, but they instead asked me to provide some documents/additional information which I literally cannot provide as I just started that shop (shopS plural as it happened to another one I opened up, they literally got taken down after like 2-5 hours of creation) so I had no chance to finish the setup of the shop and I obviously wasnt ready to sell anything by a long shot. Some of the pieces of information they asked for is proof of inventory (I haven't even decided on a seller yet, just a product), socials to explain traffic (shop literally has no traffic as the setup wasnt complete just yet so I, again, obviously didn't create any corresponding socials yet) and proof of business association which I can't provide because I didn't turn the shop into an actual business yet since I could even start selling, when I say it got taken down right after I opened it, I mean it. I barely had any time setting things up, I also have no product page, literally nothing.


As you can probably imagine this is quite urgent and frustrating. Naturally I explained to them, like I did to you just now, that I cannot provide these documents/pieces of information. Heard nothing from them since, also their email came in a day and a half ago and not to forget, while this was going on it happened to another shop as I mentioned before. Same timing, same context which in this case means getting taken down without warning or a reason being given, which strikes me as slightly unprofessional however mistakes do happen and I hope that you and your team can help me resolve this rather annoying issue in a timely manner as it leaves me, the user, completely powerless meaning now I can't do anything but wait and hope which aren't things I usually work with.





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So for everyone who has this same problem and might stumble across this in the future, I have an update. Their team just responded and their exact word for word "solution" to my problem is as follows:

"This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we have determined that your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. We know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business. Please note that for security and privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the results of our reviews and investigations."
So, to summarize, my shops, that I literally couldn't even finish setting up because they shut them down for no reason, present "a level of risk that they are unable to support". These shops haven't sold anything yet, have no product page and no traffic. Furthermore, they do all this without telling me what I did wrong so I have no chance to prevent this in the future. I'd really like to talk to whoever determined my shop as "a risk they are unable to support"..or maybe there is no one who manually looked into it to see that they may just have made a mistake they don't care enough about to fix?  I probably don't even have to mention this but this is highly unprofessional behaviour. 
Really makes you think twice about starting your business on their platform with that level of "support" if you could even call it that at this point.