Why can't I make changes after adding a new staff member to my store?

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I added a staff member on my store.

But now I can't make any changes. I can add a new product every now and then, but when I go to another page, I can't add a photo, it won't let me.

I went looking for the page in collections and still I can't add a photo, spent about 45 mins doing this.

I noticed this has happened a few times.

Then I have to go to my added staff person to ask them to do it.

So has my new staff member set up something so I have to go through him everytime to make any changes I want.

I feel like they have set this up so I am forced to pay them to make any changes.

I should be able to make changes easily, is there something I need to select in order to stop staff person from taking over my store?

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Hi, @Waysie 


I understand that you recently added a new staff member to your store and post this you have noticed that every so often you are unable to perform basic actions that you, as the store owner, should be able to perform, is that correct? 


You have also found that your colleague, the new staff member in question, can then perform these actions that you should be able to perform. 


Can you tell me if you followed this guide here on our help to add this new Staff Member?

What I suspect might have happened is that you may have added the Staff member and perhaps accidentally transferred ownership to them. Or, it is also possible that they use the same machine to log in and there are some conflicts there.


However, if you can tell me the process you took to add this new staff member that would help a lot. Additionally, if you could check on your staff permissions page to confirm who is the current owner that would also help a lot here. You can follow the guide here to find out how permissions and managing staff can be accessed.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.