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Why did $60 get deducted from my account after cancelling my plan?

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Hello i hope everyone is doing Okay.

just months ago i tried the shopify plan for some time and i didn't like it so i take the plan over and try to delete my account but suprisingly there was no option to delete it.  and they say that my account has no plan anymore so i was chilling for some time until this day in the morning i was suprised to see that they took  almost 60 dollars of my bank account and i have no idea why the hell that happens . and when i contact them all i recieve was stupid message telling me to wait for an answer by one of their customer's service agent .

can anyone please help me because this money was token from my parent bank and i have trouble with my parents now regarding that .

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Sadiki,

You mentioned about reaching out to our support team already. If you have already reached out and it has been passed to our specialist team the best thing to do is to keep to that email/await an update. It will be the fastest and most efficient way to talk to someone in the correct team about this as it would already be in the hands of that team. I would only be passing it to them if we started the process again here, since it is something that needs to be looked into privately because of sensitive nature. On the chance, you have not had a ticket created let me know and we can get the process started. 

My guess as to what happened is the account wasn't fully closed properly and thus continued to charge, I can assure you Shopify would not steal in any way shape, or form. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey i communicated with the support , i got refound for the last bill but the ither one i am still waiting for a solution and it seems that the platform has an issue considering that because when i canceled the free trial plan months ago i get the page where they ask me to choose a new plan to continue to the store which means my account was already with no plan which means it has to be deleted after incativity and without a plan going but suprsingly i was shocked to see that two bills were done after that which i can't understand at all .

so from my side i am fully sure that the plan was canceled but the problem is with the website itself , now i am waiting for a refound for my second bill

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They have done the SAME thing to me.. been trying to get my money back for MONTHS!!! I didn't notice they were taking money from my account for 3 months. And they won't refund it back even tho I sent everything from my bank proving that they have taken my money
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The exact same thing happened to me thus company is shady af!