Why did my account become inactive after my first transactions?

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I just started using Shopify I’m a landscaper and wanted to start taking payments other than cash to try to reach out to new clientele. After my first two transactions my account was randomly inactive and my customers were charged. I did one job for a family member and their card was charged for the purchase but I never received my payment for the job. Support has said that the issue will be escalated and the accounts team will look into it. When i asked him for a time frame he closed the chat. This is not right and it almost feels like this is a scam company. I am very disgusted that I even chose this rip off merchant and I am even thinking about taking legal action as they have ripped me off and nobody has reached out to me since. 

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You'd want to start by looking at your payout schedule, as payments aren't necessarily sent to you right away (you may need to wait a few days):




If the payout settings look normal, then you'd need to reach back out to Shopify's support team to get further details (I know you already did this, but you can always reach out again after a day or two, to check in). If there's an issue with your payments account, they will normally just need you to send them some additional details to confirm things before they release the payout. 


Unfortunately, there's not much that anyone on the forums can do here to help, other than point you to help docs or Shopify's support. 


I wish you the best of luck in getting this resolved. 

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