Why does Google Merchant Center keep showing a misrepresentation error?

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hello im new to shopify dropshipping i wanted to list my product on google merchant center but i keep on receiving misrepresentation error here is the link to my website https://stutiusa.myshopify.com/  i talked with google merchant center and they told me i had some template text on my refund police which i had removed and waited for my cooldown period to go. and after the cooldown period hold was off i requested another review and i still keep on getting a misrepresentation hold. without any further information. I tried contacting google but I'm not getting any response back can someone help me find the problem on my website and the solution. it will be really appreciated. also i had a question does not having updated inventory might be one of the reason having this hold on the google merchant because I'm using dsers free plan for dropshipping and it doesn't update the inventory so i was wondering would that be 1 of the reasons for this hold other then that any other information for the reason for this hold would be highly appreciated .

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Please note that there could be many reasons for a suspension and drop shipping is a reason for the suspension indirectly. As the quality of these types of businesses are generally not at the same standards as merchants who sell physical in stock items.


So for drop shippers, they need to do a lot more effort in demonstrating they are trustworthy. Such as collecting real reviews.


Consider focusing on a niche.


Make your website fit what you sell.


Missing contact details in the footer of all pages.


Make sure you have a .com website, not a subdomain from Shopify.


As checking the whole website is a big task, I recommend reading the below policies:


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