Why does my site show an error message for customer shipping addresses?

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When my customers go to my site , they get an error message that we can not ship to their address.  please help

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Hi, @Theodore_Jones!

Thanks for reaching out in our Community forums and sharing your concern. I’m happy to help out.


I understand that you are having issues shipping your products to the address that was entered. This is a very common issue and can be solved by updating your shipping settings. You will want to ensure that your shipping rates are available for your customers specific location. Feel free to check out our Shipping Profile guide to ensure that your shipping rates are set up correctly for every product. If you are still having issues, you will also want to make sure that you have inventory stocked to this location. We have a detailed guide that goes over this here


If you’d like, feel free to share your store URL, along with the products and address, so that I can gather more information about this issue. 


We’d also be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. Please visit our Help Center and log in to your account to create a support request so our team can take a closer look at the specific orders.

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @Theodore_Jones,

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If your customers are seeing an error message saying that you cannot ship to their address, there could be several reasons for this. Below are some steps you can take to solve this error.

1. Check your shipping zones
Make sure that you have set up your shipping zones correctly in your Shopify store. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery, and check that you have added all the countries or regions that you want to ship to, and that you have set up the correct shipping rates and methods for each zone.

2. Check your shipping restrictions
Some items may have shipping restrictions due to their size, weight, or other factors. Make sure that you have set up any necessary shipping restrictions or rules in your store to prevent customers from ordering items that cannot be shipped to their location.

3. Verify the customer's address
If the customer is entering an address that is not recognized by your shipping carrier, they may receive an error message. You can use a service like Address Validator to check the customer's address and ensure that it is entered correctly.

4. Check your carrier settings
If you are using a third-party shipping carrier like USPS, UPS, or FedEx, make sure that your carrier settings are set up correctly in your Shopify store. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery > Manage rates, and check that your carrier account information and credentials are entered correctly.

If you have taken these steps and are still seeing an error message, you may want to contact Shopify support for further assistance.


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Hi Theodore!  I encountered this a long time ago and this was the issue we were having.  If you ship via UPS only (which we do) or the customer selects UPS and the shipping address has the word "box" anywhere in the address, the system reads it as a PO Box and gives that message because UPS will not ship to PO boxes.  This is even when it is a RR (Rural Route) or box for the street address.  I advise the customer to use # in replace of the word box and it should work.