Why has there been a sudden drop in my page views?

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Hi everyone,


so I don't know if anyone has had the same issues. But we've had consistent page views for the last 12 months, without any real issues. In the last 2 days our page sessions and views have dropped suddenly out of nowhere. Our international sessions have grown and have been consistent and still are over the last 2 days, but our primary market has dropped off significantly. The sudden decline would indicate something has gone wrong!!!! Any help would be amazing

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In a situation like this, where there has been a sudden and unexplained drop in page views in your primary market while international sessions remain consistent. I will love to ask you some question:

  • Have there been any recent changes or updates to the website that could have affected its performance?
  • Are there any technical issues with the website, such as downtime, slow loading times, or broken links?
  • Has there been any unusual activity or spikes in traffic from specific regions or sources?
  • Have there been any recent changes to marketing campaigns or strategies targeting the primary market?
  • Are there any ongoing promotions or advertisements that may not be reaching the intended audience effectively?
  • Have there been any shifts in consumer behavior or market trends that could be influencing website traffic?
  • Have customers provided any feedback or complaints related to the website experience or product offerings?
  • Are there any common issues or pain points reported by customers that could be contributing to the decline in page views?
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The only change that has been made is the currency calculation and some of the market preferences, and I know one of our apps doesn't work with multi currency, so we have changed that back. Our sessions by location has gone from 175 to 2 overnight.