Why is my e-shop traffic suddenly decreasing?

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I have my eshop in Shopify since September 2020, so it's not very new.

I noticed (in google analytics) a sudden decrease in traffic on April 17th and continues to this day. I feel helpless cause I don't know what's causing it.

A few days ago, end of April, I made some adjustments to image size to decrease page size and also took off some elements from the homepage. I am trying to get a better grade on Page Speed Insights, and do I have. I started 73 (Desktop) & 33 (Mobile) and now the site has 92 (Desktop) & 54 (Mobile)

So I can't think of what causes this decrease in traffic.

I am running Facebook ads the same way as I did before.

Here are some stats - date: 17th April to 7th April compared with the previous period

google / organic -  % Change -70.58%

social / traffic  - % Change -88.04%

direct -% Change -28.67% (even direct traffic dropped)

Here is my site - https://amamelis.eu/

Am I missing something here, please some help will be greatly appreciated. 


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Hello @Kikidi !


Its seem your Facebook ads are running perfectly.

You need to improve your on-page seo and off-page SEO.


The reason of decrease in traffic might be due to another website with a better SEO has taken your place. So my advice would be to work on and improve your SEO to increase organic traffic again.



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So there are a number of things, speaking from an organic search pov. This is the kind of process I typically go down to diagnose a decrease in traffic like you are describing.

  • Validate the data first (is this a measurement error or an actual change)
    • Compare Google Analytics vs Shopify Analytics traffic
    • Compare Google Analytics vs Google Search Console traffic
    • Compare any other sources of data you have to verify the change
    • Is this actually a drop, have you done the dates around the wrong way and you're actually looking at +ve growth? 
    • etc...
  • Is the drop actual or incorrect?
    • If data is bad - stop freaking out, just fix the GA data collection
    • If actual - investigate further
  • Is the drop in traffic related to a drop in conversions? 
    • If the drop in traffic has happened, but you're not seeing any drop in sales then this might not be a problem in itself, but worth understanding all the same.
    • If the drop in traffic is related to (or possibly causing) a drop in conversions then this is much more problematic.
  • What segment of the site has seen a decrease in traffic? eg: 
    • product pages
    • collection pages
    • home page
    • page pages
    • blog pages
  • Which individual URLs on the site have seen the greatest drops in organic traffic? List them out. 
  • Check for changes in organic visibility
    • you can use GSC to identify changes in impressions and average rank
    • you can use 3rd party rank tracking tools (if previously setup) to see if you've dropped any page 1 to page 2 keywords
    • put any visibility changes in context of search volumes per keyword
  • THEN: looking for causes
    • Was there anything technical that changed on your site?
      Intentional, untentional, known, unknown or otherwise
      Pay special attention to the affected pages and segments
      • You can use GSC error history to get partial picture here. 
      • If you have any previous site crawls, can you compare any changes? 
      • If you're running crawl monitoring on Ahrefs, SEMrush or ContentKing were there any increases in errors being reported?
      • Was there any changes to title/meta descriptions?
      • Was there any changes to indexability or canonicalization?
      • Any Schema or JSON-LD changes?
      • etc... much more to look at here
    • Was there any on-page content that changed on your site? 
      Intentional, untentional, known, unknown or otherwise
      Pay special attention to the affected pages and segments
      • H1 heading changes, additions or removals
      • HTML structure/content change
    • Off site changes? 
      • Were there any changes to backlink profiles near the change period? 
      • Tools like Majestic, Ahrefs, SEMrush, GSC may be able to fill in some of the blanks here.
    • Any new warnings in Google Search Console?
    • Behavior and trends - is your website/business/niche likely to be impacted by any large external forces affecting search volumes or brand reputation? 
      • The weather (eg selling heaters and there's a cold snap, then the next week is warm causing a "traffic drop")
      • Election cycles
      • Consumer buying trends
      • Covid / lockdowns
      • Offline marketing activity (your own or other brands) 
      • IRL events (like music concerts)
      • Other seasonality patterns
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Thank you Kieran for your thorough reply! It helped

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Hi Kikidi,

I am experiencing a similar situation as you. Did you manage to figure out the issue and improve it at the end?