Why is my invoice generator not creating PDFs or emails anymore?

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The free invoice generator is not working correctly for me any longer. I'm able to fill out the fields but when I click submit nothing happens (no downloadable PDF and/or email). It appears there was an update to the generator a month or so ago and it hasn't worked for me since. I have tried both Chrome and Edge browsers and get the same result.

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Hello Naturalcareers, Happy Wednesday!!

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I'm facing the same issue. 

Anybody has solution for this? 

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The submit button is not working. It is on their end. Not sure how to notify Shopify's IT team that it needs to be fixed. 

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It wasn't working for me either! Tried to speak with an agent but they didn't help 😞

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Not working still Shopify! Looks like the logo might be the issue for me. Invoice generator was great but why offer it if its not looked after and maintained and doesn't work!?