Why is my male self-improvement store not converting despite high traffic?

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I've had 1500 sessions on my store and no result. This is my second store, however, the niches are two polar opposites.


My store is themaleshopcollection.com - the UI and visuals are designed for use on a phone, as our way of advertising is through Instagram Theme Pages in the male self-improvement niche. 


I've looked at screen recordings of people and they hover around products and check each of them out thoroughly and never become a conversion.


Our target market is the "get rich wanna be's"


Turning for help here - any feedback is appreciated! Down to hop on a call if that would be more convenient for anyone. If that's better, you can either reply here or find me on ig - ivvnv44

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It might be worth reassessing your product offerings and messaging to ensure they truly resonate with your target audience. Additionally, consider optimizing your website for conversions and exploring different marketing channels to reach your audience effectively. A comprehensive strategy review could help pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Hello @ivoivanov 

Can you please share your store link

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