Why is my newsletter form not showing success or error text on my Dawn theme store?

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Hi There, i have store using Dawn theme. i got issue when i includes newsletter.liquid file in home page twice. So its mean i want to show newsletter on the sidebar, and on the footer also.
I saw inside newsletter.liquid that form using "id", i just change it to avoid same id in same page. But the concern now when i submitted the form, and then redirect to captcha page, and then back to home page without any success text/error text.
Anyone can help me please ?
i already try to include google recaptcha site_key, and that is not working also.

here is my store: https://one-page-ebook-store-template.myshopify.com/

password store: reilia

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Hey, it looks like that the form isn't working on password-protected stores. Once you disable the password, it's all good.

Sergei Golubev | Devigner @ The School of UX | schoolofux.com