Why is my online store not attracting any visitors?

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Hi guys


I was hoping to get some advice for my shopify store.


I opened it about 2 months ago.

I've been running ads on Instagram and also posting on platforms such as insta, pinterest, and tumblr. I've yet to post on tiktok and I am busy trying to optimize my SEO.

I've been getting very little traffic to my store and therefore don't have much feedback.


I was hoping you guys could have a look at my store and let me know what I can improve on. And also give any advice that you think might help, especially regarding marketing and such


Thank you very much!

My site:   https://vays.store/


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The first thing that jumped out to me was there was no branding, no content, just some products being sold. You're missing some key elements that gain trust and provide a positive user experience:

- About page

- Product descriptions

- Product reviews

- Favicon with your logo

- Normal business pages like privacy policy, returns policy, etc


I would do some inspiration analysis (check out some successful stores that you'd like to reach their level, see what they're doing to get ideas for your store).


I've worked on hundreds of Shopify stores, and was a store owner myself for 7 years. I created a guide How to Figure Out Why You're Not Getting Sales on Shopify to help people in your shoes. I would start there, then also do some research / learning (youtube, blog articles, podcasts etc) to level up your knowledge. Once you have a good brand and customer experience to present to the world, you'll see your conversion rates go up.


Good luck.

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