Why is my website getting traffic but no cart additions?

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I am experiencing a lot of traffic on my website, but no one is adding to cart? I have added apps to enhance the customer experience, added PayPal as a payment option, and promoted my website through social media channels.
My store is My Tiny Closet

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks x 

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Hi, @Elaine11!

Hilary here from Shopify Support. I'm happy to provide some general suggestions and insight to help determine what might be happening and start increasing your conversions.

My first suggestion is to walk through the customer experience to see if you can detect any issues. To do this, head to your website, browse your collections, and follow the steps in this help document to place a test order. This will help determine if there are any technical issues stopping your customers from placing orders on your site. Let me know how this goes!

Next, let's take a detailed look at your product pages. How you’re delivering your product information and call to action are crucial. I highly recommend running through the suggestions in our blog post Product Page Tune-up to gain an understanding of what is important on these pages, and how yours could be adjusted. Some important notes from this article are: 

  • Understand and address your customer’s motivations for buying your product and their potential objections or concerns
  • Make sure your add to cart buttons are clear and easy to find 
  • Include social proof such as product reviews or testimonials to let your customers know that they can trust your products and brand

To help gather data from your website, and determine why your customers are not adding products to their cart, I recommend running through our blog post How to Find and Plug the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnels. One great suggestion from this article is to install a heatmap app from the Shopify App Store. This will record how your customers are behaving on your website and provide more insight as to where and when they are leaving the site, giving you some great clues on how you could change the flow of your website and increase conversions. Check out Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay on our App Store, for example. Is this the type of app you are using to enhance your customer experience?

How are you currently driving traffic to your store? How much traffic have you had on your store over the past 30 days? If it's less than 1000 visitors, I recommend looking at ways to drive more traffic to your store. A great article we have on increasing website traffic is called Need Traffic? Here's How to Get Visitors to a New Website

Let me know if you have any further questions. Feel free to reply back to me here with your website URL, and I'll be happy to help provide even more detailed advice!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @Elaine11 ,


It sounds like you're getting good traffic but facing challenges with conversion. This could be due to a few reasons, such as not clearly communicating the value of your products, or potential customers not finding exactly what they're looking for. One way to tackle this is by ensuring your product titles, descriptions, and SEO settings are fully optimized to match your target audience's search intent.


Here's where SEOPro can be of great assistance. SEOPro can help you audit your Shopify store's SEO health, identifying areas for improvement such as keyword optimization in product titles, descriptions, and meta tags. By making your products more discoverable and appealing through search, you could potentially see an increase in the number of visitors who are ready to make a purchase.


Full disclosure: We are the developer of this app.

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