Why isn't my Christian apparel business making any sales despite high traffic?

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Need some expert assist...

I have started a Christian Apparel business on Shopify. I had my website audited, and optimized and the speed is in great range. I advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. I have no way of selecting strictly Christians in my ads but i still try to advertise. I get traffic from those ads to my site but NO ONE IS BUYING! I don't get it. I know the product is great. My supplier sells out the but and its very popular, but I cant seem to sell. I have done everything i can. I have discounts, Free shipping on 70 dollars and more, and so on. I email market. I have people sign up for email marketing and still no sales. I do not get it. HELP! I'm spinning here spending money and not making any. My website is www.crossovertees.com


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I'm experiencing the same thing.  My site has been up since mid November and I have lots of people getting to the site, but zero sales.    Twenty-five people have signed up for emails, though.  And I get many visits from people in India even though I don't sell in India!   It's quite discouraging.    Your website is very professional.     My website is www.emmyabbott.com

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Thank you. Yes it is real discouraging. Most of my sales do come from America though. I do get some from other countries but not much. I also got over 100 email sign ups and I market by email but it's not successful. I don't get it. 

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I looked at your website and I don't get why your not selling either. Yours is amazing. 

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Hi @crossovertees,

I am Kate from the Shopify Advanced Page Builder App PageFly. Your store looks great, but I have some feedback on your store. I'd like to offer you the following advice based on my experience as a CRO, and I hope it can raise your conversion rate.

Product Page

1. Remove this blank space
Removing blank space on a product page can significantly benefit the user experience and potentially increase conversion rates.


Also, a well-organized layout with minimal blank space can make product information more readable and accessible to customers.

2. Highlight product price & show compare price

When you highlight product prices, you can make the current price stand out. You can use a larger font size, bold text, or a distinctive color for the current price to ensure it catches the eye first.


Moreover, subtle compare prices can display the compare (original) price in a smaller size or a less dominant color, with a strikethrough to indicate a reduction.



1. Adding testimonial review to your page

Utilizing social proof capitalizes on the tendency of individuals to follow the crowd. It's a powerful strategy for optimizing conversion rates, making an action more enticing by showing that others have already taken it.


2. Use A/B testing
A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method used to conduct experiments on conversion rates. It compares two versions of a web page or content to see which one performs better.

PageFlyKate_3-1711706464209.pngThe goal of A/B testing is to verify the effectiveness of changes in your page content, such as its information structure or call to action. The original version and the modified version are shown to similar groups of visitors at the same time. The version that shows a higher average conversion rate is deemed the winner and adopted for the entire audience.

Make use of the upcoming holiday

As Mother's Day approaches, with many businesses already preparing for the occasion, your offerings are perfectly suited for this festive period. It is highly recommended to implement these strategies to fully capitalize on the festivities.


You can try:

  • Discounts on Mother's Day Collections: Offer a discount on your Mother's Day-themed T-shirts to encourage purchases.
  • Bundle Deals: Create bundle offers, such as "Buy One for Mom, Get One for You at Half Price" to increase average order value.
  • Gift with Purchase: Offer a small gift with each purchase, like a custom tote bag or a personalized note card, to add extra value.

However, these ideas are just my point of view.. For the best results, it's important to tailor these strategies to the specific audience and products of the store.


Warm regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Hi, thank you for the feed back. Problem is some of that I don't know how to do. I bought the them on shopify. As for the specials, I already do that. Testimonials I haven't done because I haven't mad any sales, and comparible prices I can't do because I don't have any prices to compare them to. I haven't lowered my prices and can't because they are the same as my supplier. 

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I will definitely take the rest into advisement though.

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Hi @crossovertees,

You are welcome. For the Testimonial, you can take it from any where, for example you sold products offline and get feedback from customers, you can add this to your online store. Or you can ask your supplier about the customer's feedback about this product to add to your store.You can try the rest and see if it works.

Have a nice day ahead.

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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When I landed on your page I was bombarded by aggressive sales tactics, a common turnoff for people:


- Immediate email popup, hard to sign up if the person hasn't yet gotten to know your site

- Immediate chat popup

- Noisy scrolling banner at the top

- Primary hero image a discount sales pitch (I like that offer, would be good to use in other places, or maybe the 2nd image, but this is the very 1st impression, key space that you can use to hook the visitor in to why your brand / products are great / different, rather than a sales attempt when they don't even know your products yet)


Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 3.09.35 PM.png



I like @PageFly-Kate 's advice about A/B testing. This was huge for me when I managed stores. One time through A/B testing I found raising the price of a product significantly improved conversion rates (over a months long test). Was a huge win! It's hard to guess what people will do, only through data will you know for sure.


Quality of traffic is essential. You mentioned that you advertise on Facebook, IG, and TikTok. Did you create those ads yourself or hire a professional? If you created them yourself, it's going to be challenging to get a good conversion rate until you've done it long enough in your niche to get a lot of testing / experimentation to figure out what works... and of course learning the intricacies of each platform to maximize your targeting and ad delivery.


I would try some ads on Google Shopping, work on referral traffic, and implement a good email marketing campaign (give a discount on signup, don't trigger it right away, create cross marketing funnels, etc). 


I recently published an article expanding on those tips + more common reasons Shopify stores don't get sales: https://orderautomator.com/not-getting-sales (I owned a Shopify store for 7 years and used to be an ecommerce marketer).


Hope that helps. Good luck with your business. 

• Creator of Order Automator (automate tagging, fulfillment, Amazon, notifications + more)
• Shopify developer for 10+ years, store owner for 7 years
• I also make guides like Shopify Automation Tips and How to Deal with Fraud / Chargebacks

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You have a good site. It looks like you've put a lot of effort into setting up your


Here are some steps you might consider to improve conversion.


Messaging and Branding: Ensure that your messaging and branding clearly communicate the values and identity of your Christian Apparel business.


User Experience: Evaluate the user experience of your website to identify any barriers or friction points that may be preventing visitors from making a purchase. Is the checkout process streamlined and intuitive? Are product descriptions and images clear and compelling? Make adjustments as needed to optimize the customer journey. You may want to consider a recommendation app such as CartUp AI Recommendations that help is making the shoppers’ journey smooth and personalized


Targeted Advertising: While you may not be able to directly select Christians as your target audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, you can refine your targeting to focus on interests, behaviors, or demographics that align closely with your target market.


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hey @crossovertees , your site is well-designed.  Would recommend not to bombard an email sign-up when visitors first land on the page.

I also like you are tailoring by special occasions like the May 4th.

Have you try posting your t-shirts on Pinterest?  There are people finding T-shirts there these days.  And yes, the a-b testing proposed by @PageFly-Kate is something you have to experiment on.  Tiny changes make a big difference, and it takes time to fine tune.

As to discounts, 

You can try our plugin to allow your users to play a discount code spin wheel game when they first visit your site. They have to enter their email to play. It’s a win-win situation!

You should give our free product a test drive

Festival King SpinWheel

Good luck with your store!